Daniel Fast

Our family, along with our church, is almost half way through our third Daniel Fast.  This Fast challenges me every time we do it.  This time the challenge has come more spiritually than on the food side.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m struggling without my coffee, but my battle is spiritual this time.

During our first fast 2 years ago I miscarried.  At the time it was totally God timing that it happened during the Fast because we had drawn so close to God during the first 2 weeks that I could literally feel God carrying me through.  This time the Fast is (or was) a constant reminder of what I lost the first time.  The first week was a huge struggle and I can honestly say that if I weren’t on staff at the church, I probably would have just quit.

But this weekend was a breakthrough.  I finally allowed God to do what He wanted to do all along.  The Fast and the miscarriage no longer “connect” for me.  It’s actually something I added to my DF prayer list after we got started.  And it conveniently ties into the message series we have at church for this month: Baggage.

How often does our “baggage” hold us back from what God wants to do with us, in us, through us? Why do we hold so tightly to that baggage that does nothing but peel the scab off of healing wounds? I don’t understand it, but I know we all do it.  My new prayer for the rest of this fast is for God to reveal other “baggage” that I have so that I can leave it on the platform (you’d have to see our “baggage” covered platform right now to know what I mean).  God is good.  And he wants my baggage!

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