Three Years

Three years.  Three years really is a long time if you think about it.  Three years ago today, I gave birth to a little blue-eyed, blonde headed girl who has forever changed my life.  She is the source of most of the comedy in our house and the source of most of my gray hair (but that’s a secret between me, Lori and God!).

Addison Lynn Bates, born 2/1/08 has a personality so much bigger than she is!  She’s loud, she’s funny, she’s stubborn, she’s precocious, she’s loving, she’s practical, she does her best to run the show where ever she goes. She challenges me to live a better life so that I give her the best example I can of what a Godly young lady should live like.  She’s also the reason I require as much coffee as I do to get through a day.  She diligently reads her Bible and won’t let any of us get through the day without reading ours.  And you can’t just tell her you did it, she has to SEE it happen.  Daddy can’t walk out a door without praying with her.  Payne can’t leave to play with friends without giving a hug and a kiss first.  Mommy can’t possibly cook a meal without her expertise.  She wants to make sure her shampoo loves Jesus and goes to heaven.  But doesn’t want to go to heaven herself because that’s not where her house is.  She’s a neat freak like no child I’ve ever seen, but prefers to tell you what needs to be done instead of doing it herself.  She has a quick temper that results in lots of time outs.  She’ll squeeze your neck so tightly in a hug that you might not be able to breathe.  But you don’t care because you can feel the love coming through that squeeze.  She chooses friends carefully, but already shows fierce loyalty.

She makes every day better.  She’s our princess (and she makes sure we all know it!).  And if the rest of our years are as adventurous as the first three, we need to fasten our seat belts now!  Addi, Mommy loves you!  Happy 3rd Birthday!

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