They Say That Confession Is Good for the Soul

You know those moments with God? The ones where you’re convinced you’re doing everything right, doing all that you need to do and you’re questioning God as to why things aren’t better or different? Then God shows you that you’re the reason things aren’t better or different? Then He goes on to show you that your attitude and your mishandled frustration have created a bigger problem than the problem you started with?

Maybe it’s just me that has those moments.  Oh and after you’ve realized that what God’s showing you is truth, He takes things one step further and tells you to confess that to someone? It’s a humbling, growing, strengthening, rewarding process I’ve spent the last week in.

I’m grateful for God allowing me to get “low” enough that I was finally willing to see what He was trying to reveal to me.  I’m grateful that after He reveals my weakness to me, He also helps me to refocus and readjust.  I’m grateful for the courage and peace He gives while prompting me to confess my weakness.  And I’m thankful for the grace and kind words extended after confession.

This process of growth that God walks through with me is seldom enjoyable.  I never enjoy the process.  But at the end of the process, I always feel a sense of gratitude for it.  Every time I go through a growth process I’m reminded that I’ll never really be done growing.  I’m reminded that God desires the best for me, so to get me to my “best” I’ll continue to go through growth.  I also learn a little more every time that the sooner I stop and ask God what my part is, the faster the process ends!

At 32 I’ve learned there aren’t many guarantees in life, but one thing that is guaranteed is that I’m not done growing.

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