A Heart Like His…

Wednesdays are by far our most hectic afternoons and evenings.  From the time school is out at 3 it’s a mad dash to get places on time.  Yesterday was no different.  Payne came home from school, got his homework done and we quickly left for gymnastics for Miss Addison.  As per our usual Wednesday ritual, we grabbed 2 Lunchables for the kids on the way out the door.  There’s no time to “stop” for food between gymnastics and church.

We went to gymnastics and hurried out as soon as it was done so that I could grab my regular Wednesday-evening-pick-me-up cup of coffee and still arrive at church semi-on time.  When we took the exit for the church, we hit the light red.  Immediately I noticed a homeless man in the shoulder.  His eyes were captivating.  He looked so hopeless and my heart hurt for him.  That’s not really normal for me, as I’m typically very skeptical of those who hold the homeless signs on the side of the road.

I immediately started trying to figure out what I could give him.  The only cash I had was the gas money to get us home.  I guess Payne could tell I was looking for something because he asked me what I was doing.  I told him that I was trying to find something to give to the homeless man.  My precious son immediately offered up his Lunchable.  I was certain the light would turn, as we had been sitting there for quite some time, but I rolled down the window.

As we were about to call out to him, the truck behind us flagged him over and gave him some money.  Then we grabbed his attention.  Since it was Payne’s idea and Payne’s Lunchable, I wanted him to be able to give it to the man.

He politely thanked us.  I said, “God bless you.”  I don’t really ever know what to say in those situations, so that’s what I said.  The eternally red light, continued to stay red as the man walked back to the curb.  I guess once he got back to safety he looked at what it was that Payne had given him.  He looked back at our car, with this huge smile on his face and waved his thanks again.  His eyes showed something that wasn’t there before.  They had hope.

I guess that’s why it wasn’t me that helped him.  It was a child.  Giving up his dinner.  I think that was more impactful than me having an extra $10 to hand him.  I couldn’t help but think of the story of the child with the loaves of bread and fish in the Bible.  He just gave up his lunch willingly without hesitation so that Jesus could minister.  I felt like that’s what Payne did last night.

I think the thing that impressed me the most with Payne was that after he gave his dinner away, he didn’t even ask what he would eat.  He was so selfless in what he did, in his generosity.  I love his heart.  God has placed such a wonderful heart for others in my boy.

I did stop and get him dinner and an extra little treat.  But I’m still not sure who got the biggest treat last night. The homeless man or me?

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