Even if the Mountains Walk Away…

Have you ever felt that the mountains have walked away or the hills have fallen to pieces? Like everything in your life has collapsed around you? Have you ever looked around in the moment of your deepest pain or grief and questioned where God was? Have you walked through something in life that no earthly explanation can satisfy?

In my own personal experience, in this short live I’ve lived, the loss of my baby Grace at 14 weeks along in my pregnancy is one of those events.  And I’ve walked through many of them with friends.  Today is no exception.  A dear friend from high school gave birth to a baby girl whom she was only able to hold for hours before that precious baby returned to Jesus.  My flesh questions why.  My flesh wants an answer.  For her and for so many other friends who have experienced loss.  My heart and spirit grieve.

I want words, but words fail.  All I know is that God doesn’t.  Senseless, unimaginable pain comes to us in this life.  Pain that there is never any earthly explanation for.  But God, in his mercy, never fails.  God never lets go.  God never leaves.  And somehow, through all of the pain and grief and questions, God brings healing.  God comforts us.  God restores us.  God reminds us that although we don’t know the answers, He does.  God reminds us that on the other side of eternity, all things will be made right.  And in that there is peace.

“For even if the mountains walk away and the hills fall to pieces, My love won’t walk away from you, my covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart.  The God who has compassion on you says so.” Isaiah 54:10 (the MSG)

God doesn’t promise that the mountains won’t walk away or that the hills won’t fall to pieces.  But he promises that his love will NEVER leave us.  His peace won’t fall apart.

God, in the midst of our deepest grief and strongest pain, let us feel your love.  Let your peace consume us.  Guard our minds and hearts against the enemy’s attacks as we walk through life’s valleys.  Help us to hold onto the hope that on the other side of eternity ALL things are made right and all of life’s struggles will be erased.  Bring us your holy comfort until that day that we see your face.

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