Hunting Easter

This week many Easter eggs have been stuffed and by the time it’s over many Easter egg hunts will have loaded many children with more sugar than most parents would allow over the course of a month.  Children will hunt with great intent to find the most eggs, the prize eggs, the money eggs.  And celebrate their victories with all the enthusiasm they can muster.

But what will we “hunt”? Easter hunts look a little different to me this year.  Not for the kids, but for me.  If we, as adults, “hunted” Jesus the way our kids hunt Easter eggs, how much could God do through us on this one weekend? If we approached our Easter weekend with intent and determination to truly find  Jesus, what could He do in our lives? If we celebrated the prize of finding Jesus with all of the enthusiasm we as adults could muster, how would we change the world around us?

I can’t help but believe that we can learn a lesson from our kids.  God is waiting for us to find Him.  God wants us to find him.  And He’s not hiding.  He sent His Son.  His Son made the choice to DIE for us.  Then Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave so that we wouldn’t have to fight that fight.  We get eternity in heaven simply by following Him.  Yet our kids are hunt Easter eggs with more passion that we walk into our Easter services with.

If we spent just this one Easter weekend hunting Jesus like our kids hunt for eggs, the results would blow us away.  If we determined to do it just this one time, this one time wouldn’t be enough.  The results would ignite our passion to hunt Jesus every day with a prize-egg-hunting determination that would change our world.

Why let the kids have all the fun? GO!  Hunt Jesus!

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