The “C” Word

What is it about the “c” word that is so often so difficult to embrace? Whether it be in our family, in our work, in our geography or in our relationships, the “c” word can bring such anxiety.  So what is it about this 6 letter word that causes so much resistance?

I think the hardest part of CHANGE is knowing in your spirit that it’s coming but not knowing what it is or what it means for your life.  That period where you feel God working, you know something is coming.  And you know deep down that whatever it is, it’s BIG.  And you know that when it happens, it’s going to rock your world.  And then human nature takes over and it all becomes overwhelming.  Even intimidating.  It becomes easier to sit still than to face the change head on and move towards whatever it is God is calling you to.

Sitting still is the easy thing to do.  It’s the comfortable thing to do.  It’s the cowardly thing to do.  When God begins to plant seeds of change or when God just flips it all upside down at once, we have to step out.  Sometimes God plants a seed that lets us know that change is coming and slowly leads us down a path that brings the change about and reveals His plan.  Other times, in one earth rocking revelation God shows us what’s next.  Either way, we have to resolve to step out.  We have to resolve to embrace the change.  We have to resolve to have the audacious faith (thank you Steven Furtick) to believe that what God has called us to, He will lead us through.

I don’t know what changes you face right now.  But I know that if God is ordaining change in your life right now, blessing follows obedience.  I know that if you take that first step into the unknown, He’s already taken the second to prepare the path.  Change is painful.  Change is difficult.  Change brings growth.  Change is the path to blessing.

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