The Disconnect

Have you ever grown so tired that you just have a total disconnect? Not just an I’m-so-sleepy kind of tired, but a complete and total physical, spiritual and emotional tired that is almost painful? On Sunday, I heard a fact about the Psalmist David that I had never heard.  David had about an 18 month period where he grew weary of fighting God’s battle.  He decided to make his own way and disconnect from God’s work.  He didn’t pray, he didn’t write.  In fact, for 18 months we had no Psalms from King David.

His disconnect from fighting God’s battle didn’t stop him from having to fight.  It just became his fight.  At the end of it, he returned home with his men to find his village destroyed and wives and children gone.  Then he cried out to God.

How often have we been there? Maybe it hasn’t been a year and a half since we’ve reached out to God, but it’s been a long time since we’ve really connected with Him, really been intimate with Him.  Or maybe it really has been that long period of time that there’s been no communication.

It struck me that David was weary, so he gave up the fight.  But his fight continued.  Just without God.  So often we grow weary.  The path that God has placed before us seems impassable.  The road we’re going down has more ups and downs that an amusement park roller coaster.  The journey we’re on seems to be through a never-ending wilderness.  And we just want to quit.  Disconnect.  Give up.  Walk away.  Stop fighting.  But when we do, we may find rest for a short time, but the fight always continues.

David is someone I so often feel I relate to.  Maybe one of the most “human” of all of the Bible heroes we know about.  He failed often, fell short of the glory, but always returned to his God.  David disconnected in a time of weariness and exhaustion.  And fought a long battle that was likely made more difficult because he had no connection to God in that time.  But he came back.  He reconnected.  And God restored all that was lost plus some.

Are you in a place of disconnect right now? Maybe you’ve grown weary of the battle that you’ve been fighting.  You’ve grown discouraged by the path God is leading you down.  All you want to do right now is quit.  Throw in the towel.  Disconnect.  God wants you to know that sees your battle.  He knows your path has been troubled.  God knows you’re weary.  But what he wants most of all right now is for you to connect deeper.  Press in more.  And know that He is God.

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