We live in a society where instant is the norm.  We want instant, on demand.  No waiting.  No time to think about it.  Now.  INSTANT.  It’s a good thing, right?

But then, in an “instant”, an accident happens and your child’s life is hanging in the balance.  In an “instant” a doctor gives a prognosis that rattles you to the core.  In an “instant” a job is lost.  In an “instant” a life is lost.  And then suddenly we’d give anything for more time, for things to move slowly.  To have that “instant” back.

In an “instant”, all of those things that we were too busy for before are the things that we wish we had done.  All the words we forgot to say are the only words that come to mind.  Everything that we always planned to be as a person, a parent, a friend, but didn’t make time for comes flooding in…in an “instant”.  And time is all we want.  Time to fix it.  Time to say what we always meant to say.  Time to spend more time.

I have to admit that there have been times that, as my heart hurt and even grieved for something a friend was facing and going through, I’ve been grateful to have a reminder to be more present.  Be the person I want to be.

But wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if we didn’t need those reminders? If we just lived our lives, daily, in a way that when the “instant” comes for us, we’re not looking back.  We’re present.  And looking forward.

God, help us to live in this moment.  Help us to live fully invested in every moment you bless us with.  Help us to remember to say the things we should say, do the things we should do.  Let every day that we have with those that we love be fully lived.  And when an “instant” comes, sustain us.  Cover us in peace.  Consume us in love.  And remind us that You are always fully invested in our “instant”.

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