Get Out of My Way

Are you a control freak? Most of the time I would tell you I’m not.  And then the truth reveals itself!  Usually not in the prettiest way.

I found myself there earlier this week.  In my determination to control a situation where I was certain I was right, that truth reared its ugly head.  As I stood in my kitchen and prayed for God to “fix” this situation, I heard Him speak.  And to be honest, they weren’t the words I wanted to hear, but they were the words I needed to hear.

I felt God ask me if I trusted Him.  Of course, my knee-jerk reaction was a yes.  But then He asked me again if I trust Him.  So I didn’t answer this time.  And that’s when God whispered to my spirit.  “If you trust me, why are trying to control this? If you trust me, why aren’t you leaving this in my hands to care for? If you trust me, you know that I have your best interest at heart.”  Ouch!  That whisper brought me to tears.

As I continued to pray, God continued to speak.  And I didn’t really like the truth He spoke to me.  But somehow that truth brought such great peace.  I felt God speak to me that if I would get out of His way, He could be more effective than I could ever be in my human efforts to control this.  If I would get out of His way and allow His will to be done, the outcome would be best.  I don’t have to be right.  I just have to let go.  I don’t have to have my way, I just have to seek His.  And if I’ll just stay out of God’s way, the plan He has will unfold…without my help.

God, help me to live what I say I believe.  Help me to TRUST you completely.  Not just in the convenient or easy things.  Not just in the things where we’re on the same page.  On the things that I don’t have an answer for, on the things that are hard, on the things that I can’t see the end of – God, help me in those things to let go, to get out of your way and let you have your way.

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