Room Service

My kids have never had room service.  So today they will.  They are totally fascinated by the concept of having a menu, that’s not JUST pizza, to order from and not having to get out of their pj’s.  They love that the food just comes to us, right where we are.

As we talked about room service this morning, I couldn’t help but think of how much Room Service is like God.  Not the customizable, pick menu items God that our society has tried to create, but the “meet you where you are” God.  The one that’s just a “phone call” away.

When you sit, consumed by hurt, God meets you where you are.  When your stress level is through the roof, God meets you where you are.  When you don’t know how ends will meet, God meets you where you are.  When you’re running from God and finally decide to stop, God meets you where you are.  When you’re consumed by fear, God meets you right where you are.  When the diagnosis or prognosis are overwhelming, God meets you where you are.

I think so often we can forget that God isn’t expecting us to start “fixing” it before he intervenes.  All He wants is for us to call on him, RIGHT WHERE WE ARE.  All He wants us to do is call out for help.  He doesn’t expect us, or even want us, to try to do it on our own.  We don’t have to move.  We just have to pick up the proverbial phone and call!

Where ever you are right now, what ever you’re going through, God’s desire is to meet you where you are.  Your room service is just a phone call away!

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