The Nail in Your Wrist

There is a brilliant song on the radio now by a band named Sidewalk Prophets called “You Love Me Anyway” (click the link to hear it).  Every time I hear it, I’m overwhelmingly moved by the words.

As I question God’s direction in my life, He loves me anyway.  As I complain about the circumstances I find myself in, He loves me anyway.  When I disobey, He loves me anyway.  When my faith is lacking, He loves me anyway.  But those are the things we know, right? Those are the things where we daily fall short.  So it’s easier to believe that He loves me anyway, because those aren’t the things that nailed Jesus to the cross…are they?

I think it’s so often too easy to see our daily shortcomings as “small” things that we need to deal with, but not see them as significant in the grand scheme of sin.  Could my complacency today have been part of what put Jesus on the cross? Pilate was complacent, unwilling to make a decision, so he turned Jesus over to the angry crowd.  Could my pride today have put him there? The pride of the church leaders of that time couldn’t accept Jesus for who he was.  They perceived Him as such a threat that they tried to end His ministry.  Could my greed be a reason he was nailed to the cross? Judas’ greed drove him to betray Jesus.

I think, if I’m being honest, I’ve been the nail in His wrist.  I’ve been the thorn in His brow.  I’ve denied him publicly, but then begged for mercy in private.  I’ve been Judas’ kiss.  But in ALL of it, HE LOVES ME ANYWAY.

If you question today if it’s still possible for Him to love you, know that He does.  There is NOTHING so big, NOTHING so bad, no place too far.  God loves YOU.  God values YOU.  Run to Him.  Grab on to that love that washes over a multitude of sins.  He loves you anyway.

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