Over this last week, I have had two themes consistently in front of me.  They’ve come through Sunday messages, devotional time, Bible study and even on the radio.  And today God took them from two separate concepts, “know who you are” and “just say no”, to one complete concept: When you know who you are so you know when to say no.

Do you know who you are? Do you know who God has called you to be? Do you know those things, in this season of your life, that are God’s best for you? Not the things that are good, or even godly.  But that are God’s best for YOU right now? So often we get caught up in trying to be everything to everyone that we forget who we actually are.  We say yes because we know that PTO commitment, that church event, that community service project is a good thing.  And those things are all good.  Those are great things to be committed to, to be a part of.  But is that who you are? Is that where God has placed you? Is that God’s best for you right now?

God has a specific plan for your life and who you are right now.  He has a plan and a purpose for this season of your life.  He knows what your current family, career and personal situations are and knows the limits and balance you should have.  He knows where you should serve.  He knows where you should lead.  And he knows when you should say no.

Twice in the last weeks, I’ve heard“When you know who you are, you know what to do.”  Before today that phrase with so much truth had me thinking about the “doing”.  Am I serving and leading in the right places? Do I need to “do” more? What do I need to “do” better.  But today, God brought it all together with this one thought: When you KNOW who you are, you KNOW when to say NO.

Sometimes the not doing is more important than the doing.  When you know who you are, you know those places that are good places, but that are someone else’s places right now.  When you know who you are, you know what will put life out of balance.  When you know who you are and who God has called you to be, you don’t need to do more because the contentment comes in knowing you’re doing what’s best.

Know who you are.  Know what to do.  Know when to say no.

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