Give Me Your Eyes

I’ve always been most moved by music.  A song, a simple song, can heal me, move me, convict me, make me cry, make me laugh, make me dance.  Sometimes one time is all it takes for a song to “get” me.  And then other times I’ll hear a hundred times before I listen for the first time.  There’s a Brandon Heath song, “Give me Your Eyes”, that I really listened to for the first time recently.  And it hit me.  With a punch in the gut and an ache in my heart, it hit me.

I get so busy with life.  So busy with my world and all that’s going on in it.  So busy that I almost can’t see beyond the end of my own nose.  I get so busy that I don’t see the hurt in the cashier’s eyes as she rings up my items.  I get so busy that I don’t notice the pain on that other parent’s face as we sit at the same sports practice.  I get so busy that I don’t notice the despair behind the “happy” words in the conversation with a friend.  Or worse yet, I do notice those things, but I’m too busy to take the time to stop.  Stop and see what’s on the inside, sometimes even on the outside.

And then I hear a song.  Give me YOUR eyes so I can see.  And not just hear it, but listen to it.  Give me YOUR eyes to see everything I keep missing.  Give me YOUR love for humanity.  Give me YOUR love for the broken-hearted, those that are far beyond my reach.

And my heart aches for those that I’ve overlooked in my busyness.  How many have I been too busy to see? How many times have I failed to see what God wants me to see? How many times have been the person that needed someone to see me? And God sent someone? Too many to count.  What if God were as consumed by busyness as I’ve become?

Lord, give me YOUR eyes to see the hurt, the pain, the loneliness, the grief, the worry in the faces of those you place in my path.  Help me to not be so consumed with my own busyness that I miss what really matters.  Help me to have your love and your compassion for others.  Help me to see others in daily life the way you see me.  And allow me to be the person you use to make a difference.

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