I feel like Job

Have you ever been in a season of life where you feel like the Bible person you most relate to is Job? Like everything that can possibly go wrong is…and there’s no relenting to the trials? As I sat talking with a friend yesterday about the most recent trials her family is facing, my heart ached.  In recent months this family has lost their family business in a fire, faced false accusations concerning the fire, faced financial stress, and my friend has had some health issues that are leading her to her an MRI soon.  And the most recent trial they face? Their 1 year-old son is facing a possible diagnosis of epilepsy.

As we talked, she looked at me and said, “Sometimes I feel like Job.”  It’s a statement I couldn’t help but agree with for her.  This has been a season of trials for my friend and her family.  But her next statement had such a great impact on me.  “But I know God is with me.  I’m His child and He’ll always take care of me.”  Her expression of her faith was such a blessing to me.  It’s so easy to say words like that when times are smooth.  Or when we’re talking to a friend going through a season of trials.  But to live them out? That’s when you find out what your faith is made of.

In this last year, my household has been tremendously blessed.  While we’ve faced a few trials, we’ve not seen a “Job season”.  But in my immediate family, there have been “Job seasons”.  In close friend’s lives, there have been “Job seasons” and in extended friendships there have been “Job seasons”.  The majority of these family and friends have demonstrated faith that is beyond words.  They have faced their “Job seasons” with strength that is beyond normal and can only be from God.  And they have used what God has allowed in their path to bring glory to Him.  For some, the trials have ended and the testimony of God’s faithfulness is being all but shouted from roof tops.  For others, the trials continue…and the testimony of God’s strength, provision, peace and faithfulness are being shared through the trial.  For all, the faith that is shared is inspiring.

Are you facing a “Job season”? Are you in a season of trials that seemingly won’t relent? Hold on!  God is faithful.  He has a plan and a purpose.  I’ll leave you with words from Steven Furtick: “Last year’s pressure has a purpose – to produce an anointing for the new year that will make the devil wish he had never bothered you.”  Hold fast!  Your anointing is coming!

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