What’s Your Shoe Size?

My son wears a size 2 shoe.  Recently he made a discovery.  Inside his shoe is a tag that shows his shoe size in different countries.  In Europe, he wears a size 32.5.  In the UK, it’s a 1.  As he made this fascinating discovery, he excitedly told me that he wants to buy all of his shoes in “Europe size” because there his foot is really big.  I tried to explain to him that his foot is the same size no matter where he is, no matter how big or small the number is.  But he still wants to be a 32.5.

The shoe thing got me thinking though.  Problems are like shoe sizes.  Some are smaller, some are bigger…and sometimes they grow like our need for larger shoes.  But regardless of the size, our perspective of the problem is directly related to how big God is in our eyes.  Maybe that problem you’re facing is a size 2.  But your unwillingness to let God have it, your worried mind and human nature see the problem as a 32.5.  You see your problem as bigger than your God.  The details of your problem are no different.  Nothing in your situation is different.  But your reaction, your peace of mind, your comfort level are so weakened because all you see is the 32.5.  But giving God control, letting go and seeing it through God’s eyes allow you to see that problem as a size 1.  Has the problem changed? No.  Have the circumstances changed? Probably not.  But the peace and comfort that comes from letting God take control make the problem seem smaller, more manageable.  You begin to see your God bigger than your problem.

What size is the problem in your life? And how do you see it? If all you see right now is the 32.5, let go!  Allow God to move in the situation and in your life.  Just like my son’s shoe, it’s not really bigger because you look at the bigger size.  But it sure can feel smaller when you choose to see the smaller size.

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