Not Just Today

I’m not all that girly of a girl in a lot of ways.  Days like today, Valentines Day, don’t really do a lot for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human…I love a little extra attention and I’ll take any excuse for a present.  But I’m not sentimental about the day.  It can come and go without any acknowledgement and I wouldn’t bat an eye.  But that’s because I’m married to someone who doesn’t wait for one day a year to make me feel special.  On almost a daily basis he says things, does things, shows me that he loves me.  He makes me feel special.  He shows me that I’m his one and only.  In small ways all throughout the year (and a few big ones, too!) he invests in me, in us through the way he loves me.

I’d much rather feel the love everyday just because he wants to show it than to only really have it expressed on a few days a year, when it’s an expectation or obligation.

I wonder how many of us treat our relationship with God the way we treat Valentines Day.  Do we have one day a year (maybe for you it’s Christmas, Easter or Mother’s Day…or the day after a crisis strikes) where we go all in? Where we go above a beyond to make up for a year’s worth of neglect. Where we do all of the things we should have been doing all along and promise that we’ll do better this next year.

I can’t help but think that God would like us to realize that, while he loves our affections, our grand gestures once or twice a year aren’t what he’s after.  Just like my husband invests daily in our relationship, God desires that daily investment from us.  Just as the daily investment from my husband grows our relationship, so our daily investment in our relationship with God grows our relationship with him.  With any relationship, the strength comes in the day-to-day investment, not the once a year big things.

Imagine how our marriages, our relationships would grow if we made daily investments in them.  Imagine what God could do in us and through us if we made daily investments in Him.  Make the daily investments.  Not just in your marriage and other relationships, but in your relationship with God.

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