In the Fog

Fog.  It’s my least favorite driving condition.  Pair it with some rain and I’m all but done for.  And earlier this week it’s exactly what I had to drive in.  The kind of fog where you can barely see the front of your own car.  I’ll be honest.  That kind of driving makes me feel claustrophobic.  I literally have to fight off panic and the urge to just pull over and stop driving until the fog clears.  But as is normal for our mornings, I was running a little behind and didn’t have time to pull over and wait it out.

As I struggled to find an indicator of where the next closest car was to me on the highway, I prayed for God to just let me see the lights of the nearest car.  Just some indication of how near I was to the closest car.  After what felt like an eternity (but was probably just a few seconds) I finally saw that faint glow of tail lights ahead of me.  And the panic subsided.

And then God spoke to me.  My drive reminded me of those times in life when I feel like I’m wandering in a fog.  I know I’m on a path to somewhere, but can’t see anything around me.  I don’t know which way to go, I can’t see the path.  And I pray desperately for a light.  Just a glimmer of light to move towards so that I know where to go.  Just like I struggled to see the light while driving in the fog, I’ve struggled in the fog to see a glimmer of light to know where God is.  I search for what seems like an eternity and then finally it happens.  I see just a glimpse of that guiding light to let me know which way to go, to let me know how close I am to the next step.  And the panic subsides.  The fear of the unknown is gone because the Light, however faint it may be, is showing me the way.  As long as I stay focused on the light, there’s peace.  Just that glimmer of light is all I need to get through the fog and to the clear blue skies where the road is more clearly seen.

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