K(no)w Limits

A week ago I had surgery.  As we left, the nurse gave my husband a list of things I can’t do for the first few days, the first week or two and then for six weeks total.  It’s not a long list, but it’s a limiting list.  Things like “don’t lift more than 10 pounds.”  Did you know it takes more than 10 pounds of force to pull open my freezer? I didn’t either…until this week.  This week I’ve found myself very frustrated with my physical limitations.  But the last day or two I’ve noticed something.  I can push the limits a little more.  I can do just a little bit more.  Knowing my limits has been a good thing, but knowing I can push them daily is even better.

What are your limits? Or limitations? Not physically, but in your career, your family, your calling, your ministry? Are you content to see the limits you or someone else have put on you and not push further? Or do you see the limits as challenges? Do they frustrate you to the point that you push yourself to overcome the limitation?

We so often place ourselves (or allow others to place us) inside a box.  And we get comfortable in the box.  And we’ll grow some in the box.  But at some point we have to decide to either stop growing and stay in the box or continue growing and push those walls, those limits out of the way.

One thing I’ve learned this week is that limitations are temporary.  They are often necessary, but they are only temporary.  Limitations aren’t the end.  When they’re reached they become the places of growth.  What are your limitations? What do you need to do to grow past them?

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