Lately my son would tell you that I’m the strictest mom on the planet.  There are some shows, books, movies, TV shows, games that he’s been exposed to through friends that he really wants to dive into.  But for these different things, for different reasons we’ve said no.  Needless to say I’ve been very unpopular.

As I’ve spent a good bit of time these last few weeks feeling very unpopular, I’ve also felt very much peace about the decisions we’ve made for Payne.  I’ve told Payne many times in these last weeks that I answer to God first as his mom.  And that’s more important to me than being popular with him.  The older my kids get, the less popular I become, it seems.  The parenting decisions get harder, the kids reactions get stronger.   And just when I start to feel this grand pressure that comes with parenting, God does what He loves to do to me.  He gently speaks.

He reminds me of the times that He’s told me no.  He reminds me of the times that He pointed me in a different direction than I really wanted to go.  He reminds me of the times that His parenting of this stubborn child left Him as less than popular in my eyes for a time.  And reminds me that His best for me is not always what I think I want at the time.  And reminds me that He never waivers from His best…because He knows best.

In that I find confidence in parenting.  And empathy for my son.

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