She’ll Leave You With a Smile

We have a house keeper that comes every couple of weeks to do the “big” cleaning around the house.  Besides the fact that our schedules make it near impossible for me to keep up with much more than laundry and meals, I just plain don’t like to clean.  And that’s why I look forward to every other Wednesday when I know our housekeeper is coming.

We’re usually not home when she comes.  It’s planned that way so that we’re not in her way while she’s doing her thing.  But last week when she came, I was home.  And I noticed something.  The whole time she was cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, mopping…whatever it was, she was smiling.  When I’m cleaning, I’m never smiling.  Seriously, never.  And that got me to thinking.

Does our housekeeper love cleaning that much? Or has she just maybe found a way to see the positive in the tasks I dislike so much.  Do I smile when I’m doing the daily tasks that aren’t my favorites? Or is it written all over my face that I’m not enjoying what I’m doing? If I’m being completely honest, am I even smiling when I’m doing things that I do like?

I don’t think my housekeeper really loves cleaning my house (or maybe she does), but I think she has discovered a simple truth that I too often forget.  Outlook and attitude make all the difference.  If I would just put on a smile as I begin my daily tasks, how much more would I enjoy my day? How much more would the people around me enjoy me being part of their day? How much more could God shine through me?

Let’s face it, I’ll probably never enjoy cleaning…or some of the daily tasks that I have each day.  But if my outlook changed…if I just smiled through it all…I’m sure I’d enjoy my days more!

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