Quacking Sheep

As we were driving to school the other day, my 4-year-old was playing with a stuffed sheep in the back seat.  The quiet that her preoccupation brought to the car had me off in another world somewhere until I heard it.  The quacking.  Her sheep was quacking.  Well, not so much her sheep, but her quacking for the sheep.

almost corrected her.  I almost told her that sheep don’t quack.  I almost told her that only ducks quack…or that sheep only “baa”.  But I didn’t.

I actually silently asked myself why a sheep can’t quack.  Now, before you think I’ve completely lost it, I don’t really think a sheep can quack.  But I do think that you and I can be different, more, that what we’ve always been told or more than what we’ve always thought we could be.

Maybe you’ve spent your life hearing that you’re worthless.  That you’ll never amount to anything.  That you’re not good enough.  You’re undeserving.  That’s the “sheep” you’ve been your whole life.  You’ve accepted it, believed it.  Started to say those things about yourself.  Guess what? You can quack!  You are not who people have told you that you are.  You don’t have to be that sheep anymore.

Maybe you’ve spent your life surrounded by people who love you and believe in you and had a great plan for who they wanted you to be and what they wanted you to accomplish.  But as you live that life you realize that this isn’t the “sheep” that you want to be. The “sheep” you were meant to be.  Guess what? You can quack!  You don’t have to be who everyone else planned for you to be.  You don’t have to be that sheep anymore.

Maybe you’ve gone through life happy, but not passionate about where you are.  Nothing is “wrong” but something is missing.  Maybe you’ve felt a pull away from the life that you’ve known, taking steps into the unknown, but you’ve always been a play it safe person.  Guess what? You can quack!  You can can step out of that comfort zone, you can make the changes.  You don’t have to be that sheep anymore.

We hear all the time that we are made new in Christ.  Not repaired, not fixed, not a really good restoration. NEW!  That means that you don’t have to be who you were.  You don’t have to be what others have said you are.  You can be a quacking sheep.

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