Plans? What Plans?

Have you ever thought you had it all figured out? Ok, may not all, but at least a next step? Or a plan? Maybe just a direction that you’re walking confidently in.  You’ve even spent time in prayer and felt this path, as few steps as may have been taken, was the path God had you on.  Then, seemingly straight out of left field, everything changes.  One conversation, one phone call, one meeting and things you thought were certain suddenly aren’t.  A path you were heading down is now a dead-end.  An open door is suddenly slammed shut.  And what seemed certain now is nothing but questions.

Where do you go next? What do you do? Just considering the possibilities that could lie ahead is exciting, terrifying and all together overwhelming.  And how do I know if what I’m hearing is God or me? How do I know if I’ve got it “right” this time.

If you’re anything like me, the lack of answers to all of the questions can seem almost paralyzing.  I’m not one who likes changes.  I like a plan.  I like to follow a plan.  No surprises, nothing unexpected.  Just stick to the plan.  Here’s the problem if you’re like me. It’s easy to miss the bigger  plan obsessing over the today-and-tomorrow plan.  Sometimes, because my Father knows me so well, a dead-end or a sharp, unexpected turn is what it takes to get me to see the bigger picture…the Master’s plan.

I don’t find answers to all of the questions, but I’m reminded, “I know the plans I (God) have for you…”  And I have to remember that His plan is not only often different from mine, but much better than mine.

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