Crazy Beautiful

Sometimes I am completely intimidated by raising a girl in this crazy world.  So many negative influences out there.  So many totally wrong messages about just about everything.  Sometimes I just want to hide her from the world.  But I can’t.

I think about insecurities that I developed as a pre-teen and teenager.  Some that stuck with me well into adulthood, others that didn’t last as long.  I think about the influences that media and celebrity had on me.  And then I realize how much stronger these influences are today.  All of these things scare me a little.  All of these things make me realize how strong my influence has to be in my daughter’s life.  All of these things make me realize how valuable Godly influences will be in her life as she grows older.  All of this makes me think of things I’d love to tell the teenage girls in my life now.  They may be the influences in my daughter’s as she grows.

Girls!  You are wonderfully made, completely unique and created by a God who has plans for your life bigger than you can possibly understand.  Your life has infinite value.  Anyone who tells you different is lying.  Learn to read your Bible.  Learn to pray.  The more you learn these things, the more you’ll understand how much God values you.  Don’t try to be like other people.  Be someone who others want to be like.  Avoid the drama.  Respect your body.  Find people who you can talk to about anything.  They’re out there.  Always, always, ALWAYS believe in yourself.  Don’t look at a magazine to find out how to be beautiful.  You already are.  Just like you are.  You’re not just beautiful, you’re crazy beautiful.

As my sweet girl grows up, as she faces this world and all it will throw at her, these are the things I want her to believe.  To live.  To teach.  These are the things that I want her to learn from me and the other people in her life.  And as God gives me opportunity, these are the things I hope I can teach a few other girls along the way.

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