Falling From My Throne

Have you ever taken a look at someone else’s mistakes or failures and allowed no room for grace? Judged them so harshly that you put yourself above them, or at least above what they’ve done? Or maybe I’m the only one who’s done that…or at least will admit it.

Here’s the thing, I’ve always worked so hard to stay out of the judgement seat because there have been plenty of times in my life that I could have been judged harshly. But every once in a while, I climb up there like it’s a throne. This week, God sent me tumbling down off of that throne of judgement.

A few years ago, through someone’s idle gossip, I was made aware of someone’s very public shortcomings. I didn’t know the person, just of them. But I made a decision about that person that has stuck. It has stuck to the point that when chances have come about that I could get to know this person for myself, I’ve completely avoided it…in judgement of what I’ve heard. Until this week.

This week, circumstances put me in a position that not only allowed me the opportunity to get to know this person, but forced me to. Shortly into our first conversation, God let me see that the tumble from that throne I’d placed myself on wasn’t going to be pretty. The more I talked to this person, the more I found we had in common. The more we talked, the more I saw what a genuinely good person this was. The more we talked, the more God allowed me to remember the times that I’ve fallen horribly short and have been extended abundant grace. The more we talked, the more I realized the lack of grace I had not only with this person, but with others. The more we talked, the more I recalled the amount of grace I’ve been given by my Father.

I’m not gonna lie…that was a painful fall from that throne of judgement. But God’s grace was there waiting to somewhat cushion the fall. I’ve learned this week that God’s correction isn’t fun…or easy…or pain free. Well, I’ve already know that part. But this week, for the first time, I found myself almost immediately grateful for the chance to grow…for the chance to change. And the chance for a new friendship…without judgement.

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