Snow Globe

Snow globes are so pretty. As you gaze at a snow globe placed carefully on a high shelf, it’s so easy to see the calm, the still, the tranquil in whatever scene is encased in the glass. But by simply shaking the snow globe, the beautiful, tranquil scene is suddenly awash in snow or confetti or glitter. And bubbly water. For a moment, chaos overtakes the scene.

Tonight I was reminded how much life can be like a snow globe. Yesterday my friend Crystal & I were working out details for a fun girls morning. (Peaceful, tranquil, calm.) Tonight, we’re exchanging texts about devastating news that her family received today. Suddenly, life is turned upside down and shaken. The bad news comes in like a flurry of snow and bubbles and nothing in life resembles that tranquil scene. Chaos surrounds. And you’re left clinging tightly to your faith until the fury settles.

But somehow, the fury does settle. See the thing about snow globes is that all of that pretty scenery is anchored to a foundation. It holds fast to what it’s rooted in. That’s so much like how our lives are. As our lives our shaken, we are held fast by the roots of our faith. Roots that are deep in the foundation of the promises God gives us. As our world shakes, our God doesn’t. As turmoil swirls around us, God provides a safe refuge. And, even if our circumstances don’t immediately change, peace overtakes our storm.

The mountains might shake. The hills might be removed. But my faithful love for you will never be shaken. And my covenant that promises peace to you will never be broken,” says the Lord. Isaiah 54:10

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