Move. Or Move Me.

Complacency – 1. self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. 2. an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction.

We’ve all been there. Quite frankly, we’ve all <strike>spent</strike> wasted way too much time there. It’s that place of complacency. That place where we are satisfied with the norm, with the way things are, with the comfort zone. Sometimes we mistakenly call that place contentment…because it sounds better. But I can’t help but think that complacency is the greatest enemy to our greatness, to our potential.

Sometimes that place of complacency “looks” like a good place. We’re spending our time on good things. We’re doing good things. We’re doing the right things. We’re doing the comfortable things. But what are we missing? We’re investing in someone else’s cause, someone else’s passion, someone else’s greatness. But what about our own? How often do we invest in all of those things as our way out? As our way to stay in our comfort zone.

As I relished extra quiet time on our recent vacation, I also cherished extra time to hear from God. And much to my surprise, He helped me see I’ve fallen into a place of complacency. That unaware satisfaction of going through life doing good things. But having that nagging unfulfilled feeling because I’m selling myself short. I’m not allowing the greatness He has placed in me to grow, to move, to change. As I really began to realize how complacent I had become, I began to pray. My prayer became, and has remained, move. Or move me.

God, move in my circumstances, my life, my daily decisions, my heart’s desires. Move them to be in line with what your plan for my path is. Or move me. Now if you know me, or have read this blog long, you know that change is all but a four letter word to me. But isn’t that thinking exactly what breeds complacency? So for me to pray, “Move me” is honestly a little terrifying. And if I’m being honest, a little difficult to do without trying to put conditions on it. But it’s where I am.

Now that I’ve recognized the complacency, I want to be moved. Out of the place of complacency. Out of the familiar. Out of the comfort zone. And into the place where I’m on the path to the greatness God has in store for me. Into the place where my purpose is fulfilled. Into the place where good is replaced by best.

So tonight again I pray, Lord move. Or move me.

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