Keeping Up With…

Confession: I am one of those pinners. And if you pin, too, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t pin, then here’s your warning to stay away from the obsession also known as Pinterest.

There are many things that I’ve pinned that I’ve actually done…recipes, treats for the kids classes, make-up tips, housekeeping tips, gift ideas. But there are many more things that I’ve pinned that I’ve never (ok, honestly that I WILL NEVER) attempt. Not because I don’t think they’re great things, but because they’re not my thing. There’s a lot on there that I love. I think it’s beautiful. I think it looks fun. I think it would look great somewhere in my house.

I begin to look at these things and feel envious of those who can bring those pins to life. I begin to get into that dangerous game of comparing my lack of artistic ability to the abundance of artistry filling my computer screen. I begin to feel that need to keep up with the super crafty pinners who buy modge podge (I learned what that was about a month ago) in bulk and can create a wedding worthy center piece from empty toilet paper rolls, twist ties and tissue paper. (Can you even do that? I’m sure one of you super crafty readers will put something together!) I begin to feel like I’m lacking in something because I can’t keep up with these crafting queens.

But why? The truth is I’d go straight out of my mind trying to replicate the detail in most of those projects. I’d fully lose my patience and half my sanity trying to create the perfect Christmas or Valentines or Thanksgiving masterpiece. And I know that about myself. But just like I sometimes feel compelled to keep up with the pinners, I think we all get trapped in keeping up with something.

Maybe it’s keeping up with the “stuff” that those around us have. Maybe it’s keeping up with the fashion trends. Or the exercise trend. Or the food trends. Or the activities. Whatever it is, we can all get wrapped up in that trap. And that trap never leads anywhere but to a place of insecurity and discontentment. A place where, instead of being secure in who we are and what our strengths are, we compare our weaknesses to someone else’s strengths. And that’s the worst place to be.

Today I’m remembering to embrace my strengths and the things that make me, me! And to remember that those who craft like crazy or have the latest of everything or best of everything or anything else that we tend to try to keep up with, are probably tempted to try to keep up sometimes, too. And really, all I need to keep up with is Me. And who God has called me to be.

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