Make Me Aware

I love music. If you’ve read my blog for long, you know that God oh so often uses music to speak to me. Today was no different.

We did a song in church today by Jesus Culture (one of my favorite groups, by the way) called Holy Spirit. This song, from start to finish, is amazing. But one line, one phrase captured me today. It awakened something in me.

“Let us become more aware of your presence.”

That’s it. That’s the line. So simple, yet for me, so profound. It doesn’t say “let us feel your presence” or “draw us into your presence”. It says to “become more aware”.

Is it hitting you like it did me? Here’s what I felt God so sweetly whisper to my spirit through that one line. “My presence is everywhere. My presence is all around you. Not just right now, in these four walls of your church. But in everything. You just have to look for me…be aware.”

I was wrecked. How often do I go through my day, through my frustrations, through my ups and downs and miss His presence? How often do I pray to feel God, see God in my day then miss Him? How often do I take for granted the things around me? The things that so clearly reveal His presence…but that I just miss.

Lord, make me more aware of your presence. That presence that is always around me. That presence that surrounds me. That presence that you so long for me to see…in the everyday. In my blessing. In my struggle. The presence that I could have always experienced if I were just more aware.

Open my eyes, Father, to your presence that is ever present. Make me more aware.

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