Trust or Worry

“You must choose to trust Me or to worry.” A simple line from a simple devotion…for kids. Why is it that sometimes He has to speak to me in the most childlike ways for me to get it?

As that simple line appeared on my Twitter feed today, it spoke to something deep within me. And it was like a light bulb turned on. Do I trust or do I worry? Yesterday, I would have told you that I do both. I trust God to be who He says He will be. To provide. To lead. To guide and direct. To protect. To make a way. To heal. I pray about things. Then I worry about them…at least some of them. With my words, I say I trust. But in my heart I worry.

Because you can do both…at the same time, right?

Today, it hit me. I can’t. I can’t do both at the same time. I can’t trust Him to move my mountain and worry about how it will move. I can’t trust him to provide then worry about where provision will come from. I can’t trust Him to come through then act on my own out of impatience.

If I truly trust Him, I cannot worry. If I worry, I don’t truly trust Him. It’s so hard to get my heart around that. In my head it makes sense. In my heart, where emotion runs deep, worry creeps in. Worry takes hold. And soon trust is just lip service.

Today my focus has been to take worry captive. Today I’ve made a choice. Today, when worry has started to creep in, I’ve reminded myself that trusting Him brings much more peace. I’ve reminded myself where my help comes from. I’ve reminded myself who holds me. Today I choose trust.

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