It’s More About the Where

You’ve heard it your whole life: “You reap what you sow.” What you sow. And it’s true, you really do.  But in a recent message, that old saying took on a whole new meaning.

You sow kindness, you reap kindness. You sow love, you reap love. You sow hard work, you reap success. You sow time, you reap growth. That all sounds great, right? But where are you sowing?

Have you ever thought about that? It’s not just what you sow, but where you sow. If I want to be successful in my job, I sow the work, the dedication, the time it takes to be successful. If I want to be a good friend, I sow the time, the effort, the loyalty needed to reap friendship. If I want to be fit and healthy, I sow the work, the dedication, the sacrifice it takes to get there. But those are the easy things, aren’t they? Those are the things that most of us already do…every day.

So what about the things that really matter? Is my marriage what it could be? Maybe, if the answer is no, that’s where I should be investing more of my sowing. How are my connections with my kids? Would they say I’m really plugged in? That I really listen? That I turn away from the the tv or computer when they want my attention? Maybe, if the answers are no, that’s where I should be investing more of my sowing. Where’s my relationship with Jesus right now? How often to I crack open my Bible? How often to I pray…that doesn’t involve a meal? When was the last time I went to church? If the answers are border on “it’s been a while”, then for sure that’s where I need to invest more of my sowing.

If you’re anything like me, you sow where you reap the most affirmation. You sow where you reap the most appreciation. The thing is, if I’m sowing as I should in my Father and what His best is for me, I’ll have the affirmation, the confidence, the peace that I need in my life. And when I’m finding those things in Him, it’s so much easier to see that if I SOWED more into those things that matter most, I’d also REAP more in those things that matter most.

It’s not just what you sow, it’s where you sow. Choose wisely.

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