Dry Bones

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out that music is one of the ways that God most often speaks to me. And this time He used one of my very favorite worship songs right now, The Great I AM. Seriously, if you don’t know this song, listen. Now. No really, you can come back and finish reading this after you catch the song.

I love this song. Every time I hear it, I can hardly stand still. It’s one of the best out there right now. But for as many times as I’ve heard this song, for as many times as we’ve worshipped to it at church, today it was like I heard part of it for the first time.

I want to see dry bones living again, singing as one.

I don’t know who wrote the song or what the meaning of that line is to them, but today God spoke so clearly to me. Just before this line, the song talks of loving like Jesus…loving the world and hating the dark. Today, as I sang that song, my heart began to break for those who have known the love of Christ, who have walked with Him, yet, for whatever reasons, have now turned away. Those “dry bones” that so desperately need to live again. My heart broke for those in my life who once were close, but now are far from Christ.

Any of us who have walked this journey with Jesus for any amount of time know that there are seasons of drought, seasons of famine. But, like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness, God always sustains us. We may be in a dry season, but we still have His life flowing through us. But these “dry bones” to me are so much more heartbreaking than a dry spiritual season.

Dry bones have no hope. Dry bones have no promise. Dry bones have no life. And I really think it’s a completely different lifelessness than never having known Christ at all. These dry bones have once been filled with the hope, the promise, the life of Jesus and now have nothing. This has lingered with me all day. And all day I’ve been burdened for those people that are the “dry bones” in my life…those who need life breathed in again.

My prayer all of today has been to see “dry bones” living again. And singing as one with me.

Who are those in your life that are “dry bones”? My prayer for you is that you will see “dry bones” living again. And standing with you singing as one: “Hallelujah, holy holy. God almighty. The Great I AM. Who is worthy, none beside thee. God almighty. The Great I AM.”

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