Butterflies and Such

Spring is a season I really have to kind of make myself get into. I don’t really like the warming temperatures, the pollen, the exposure of my extremely white legs because it’s too hot to wear jeans. I much prefer weather that seldom if ever creeps out of the 60’s that allows me to live in boots and sweaters. But here I am, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, welcoming in Spring…a little more enthusiastically this year.

One day last week I took the puppy outside. As I wandered the yard with her waiting for her to do her business, I noticed our trees were really starting to bloom. Lots of new color. Signs of life. Then I saw it. We have this bush/tree thing, the kids call it a peanut tree. Huge lavender blooms were all over it. One stood out. This one bloom had an amazing butterfly on it.

I stood there a stared for a minute. It actually took me a minute to remember that I had my phone in my pocket. As soon as I did, I grabbed it to take a picture. But even after the picture, I stood a watched the butterfly. In the midst of all of the color, all of the blooms, here was this new life. This beautiful, vibrant life. This sign, that after the cold, harsh winter (ok, maybe not so cold OR harsh in Texas) that new life comes.

That beautiful yellow butterfly was such a beautiful reminder to me of God’s faithfulness after a dark, cold season. After the winter of life has stripped the color, the vibrancy, the life from everything around you, there is a spring. And in that spring there is new life. There is growth. There are blooms. There is vibrant color. There is a butterfly that has survived the cold of winter, growing and fighting to emerge from its cocoon…full of everything that reminds us that Spring brings life.

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