Proof. It’s something that we seek throughout our lives, sometimes intentionally, sometimes totally unaware. And it’s something that the world looks for in us. In those of us who call ourselves Christians.  Proof. Proof of His love.

There’s a song (shocker!) that I absolutely love by For King and Country, “Proof of Your Love“. There’s one particular release of it that I could keep on continuous loop all day. It’s a release with a spoken part about I Corinthians 13 (at about the 2:30 mark in the video). Maybe it’s the Aussie accent, maybe it’s the interpretation…but it gets me every time. And reminds me that without love to back all that I say, all that I do, all that I accomplish, all that I learn, I am bankrupt.


It would be like Jesus performing all of the miracles, teaching all of the great sermons, socializing with outcasts. Then skipping the cross. Skipping the part that was the proof of His love, His identity. It would all have rung hollow without the promise of eternity being fulfilled…by His LOVE.

When He allowed Himself to be beaten and hung on a cross to die, like a common criminal, He allowed his LOVE for mankind to become fully realized. He set the greatest example of all for us to follow.

So why do we, as Christians, so often forget the love aspect of all that Jesus did. We see things that are contrary to the Bible’s teachings and take action. In ways that are contrary to Jesus’ teachings. Then we wonder why the world looks as us and wants no part of our Christianity.

Yes, we live in a sin-filled world. A world that will always run contrary to God’s word. A world that will always look to disprove its teachings. But why do we provide the ammo they need by the way we respond? Why do we show such a poor representation of Jesus?

As this Easter season is upon us, reflect on His love. Reflect on his teachings. Reflect on his methods. No, He didn’t win everyone over. He was still nailed to a cross. But in His unending, unfailing love His prayer even on the cross was for forgiveness, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”

What have any of us as Christians, especially in America, endured for the cause of Christ greater than what He himself endured? There’s nothing. Nothing greater than what He endured. If Jesus, with all He endured, could act in love while being tortured on the cross, there’s no circumstance in our life where we can’t do the same.

As this Easter season is upon us, let our LIVES be the PROOF of his love. We live in a hurting and broken world. A world that so desperately needs his love. And world that’s looking to us to be the proof. Let my life be the proof, the proof of your love.

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