Devastation and Miracles

This has been a tragic 24+ hours in Oklahoma. Storm with rain, hail and deadly tornadoes. I’m a total news junkie when it comes to stuff like this. Part of it comes from the simple disbelief of what these storms can do. Part because I know that in the heartbreak, there will be complete and total evidence of God.

Today I was hit completely differently. Today there were reports of a tornado that directly hit a school. A school with children inside. The moment I heard that report, my heart began to ache. My mind immediately went to scared children who want nothing more than to see their parents. My heart immediately went to the moms and dads who sat helpless knowing a tornado was touching down and they weren’t with their children. Then, as news breaks and word spreads, to know that your child’s school was directly hit. The fear, the uncertainty, the complete and total agony of being separated from your child and not knowing what you’ll find when you get to the school.

My heart broke to the point that I began to cry. Cry for the mom who is just beginning the longest minutes, hours of her life as she tries to make her way to her child’s school. Cry for the dad who does all he can to protect his family, yet stands fully helpless against this force of nature. Cry for helpless children who just want to be held by mom and dad.

And then the news begins to come that, from that flattened school building, children and school staff are walking out. WALKING out. My tears went from tears of agony to tears of overwhelming gratitude that God provided this miracle in the midst of the devastation. And then more and more stories of miraculous protection. The lady interviewed that said as the tornado tore her house to pieces, she held on to her daughter by her hair to keep her from being pulled away. The people whose homes were destroyed…in all but the place where they huddled for safety. Story upon story of God’s protection.

I know not everyone’s story has a happy ending. I know there is loss of life. And unmeasurable loss of property, homes, possessions. But I also know there are countless miracles that we will hear of in coming days. Some we may never hear of. But they are there none the less.

Has a tornado ripped through your life lately? Have the remnants of devastation left you searching for any sign of hope? Look closely. It’s there. Right now, your miracle may be that you just survived. As the storm clouds clear, look closer. There is evidence of His hand at work everywhere around you. Just past the devastation around you are miracles.

Looking for a way to help the people of Oklahoma? Visit to get assistance directly to those impacted by this disaster. Every penny you give goes directly to help. No administrative fees taken…just help and HOPE to those who need it most!

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