Last Saturday I posted a blog.  You could say it went viral.  It’s been a crazy week that ended in two national news programs contacting me for interviews.  Never could I have imagined at 5PM last Saturday, when that Open Letter was published, what the week would hold.  NEVER.

I was thrust into a spotlight that I wasn’t expecting.  At all.  I didn’t seek it out.  I had no idea it was coming.  But none the less, that spotlight was there.

I heard an argument that sounded much like that this week in regards to my blog post.  And while my spotlight (thankfully) is nothing like that of a top-tier athlete, it’s a spotlight none the less.  And we all have one on us.  I didn’t choose it and maybe you haven’t chosen yours either.  But we have a responsibility because of it.

Here’s the thing.  Very few people ever ask for the title of role model.  Most of us would be humbled and maybe even a little shocked to find out the people who look at us as role models.  But we are.

Of course, for our kids, we have to start at home.  We have to work every day to parent and live the best we can so that our children can grow into all that God has for them.  But, at the same time, we have to be realistic and know that our children will also look outside of our homes.  Maybe it’s a teacher they admire, maybe a pastor, maybe an athlete, singer or actor.  Maybe it’s a police officer, fire fighter or member of the Armed Services.  Regardless of who it is, our kids see other people that they connect with and look up to.

And maybe that person someone’s child is looking up to is me.  Or you.  It’s easy to forget that people (not just children) watch us. And it would be easier to not care.  To say it’s not my responsibility to be a role model or someone people look up to.  But the reality is, we’re all in a spotlight.  I may not be in a national spotlight, but I’m in someone’s spotlight.  Hopefully it’s my kids.  Maybe  its their friends.  Maybe it’s those who read what I write.  Maybe it’s people who I will never know are watching.  But I have one on me.  The question is, what will shine through?

I’m far from perfect.  Just like you.  I will make mistakes.  I will stumble.  But in the midst of my successes and failures, if people see Jesus at work in me then it’s all worth it.

“What good is it if someone gains the whole world, but loses his soul? Or what can anyone trade for his soul?” Matthew 16:26

7 Replies to “Spotlight”

  1. You care very much about kids having positive role models in their lives. Why do you think they are so important? Like you said, kids will look outside of their homes and be influenced by the many adults in their lives and they will grow into their own person and form their own opinions and values. Looking back at my childhood and teenage years, I had some not-ideal role models who influenced me. At the end of the day, I think it made me more of an open-minded, caring, and diverse person.


    1. HI David. Thanks for your comment. I think having positive influences around us (kids or adults) helps us to grow into better people. Yes, we’ve all probably had not-so-ideal role models that we’ve learned from, too. I also believe that if each of us strive to live well each day that, even in our stumbling, we still have great potential to influence for good. Hope that answered your question. If not, you can comment here or feel free to pop on over to my about me page and shoot me an email.


  2. You did not planed this. It was per-ordained. Your destiny, Beth. And those who read your words on paper, and hear your voice taking a stand – are truly blessed. We need more people like YOU.


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