One Word 2014

A couple of years ago, I started choosing one word as sort of a theme for my year.  Instead of resolutions, I choose one word that I try to focus on in every day life.  I try my best to become intentional about that word.  Sometimes it’s harder than others.  And sometimes I fail miserably.  But being intentional about that one word brings out the best in life.  And helps me see the best in life.   It seems that God begins to work in my mind in the weeks leading up to the new year preparing me for that one word.

This year the one word that has been constantly in my heart is LIVE.  Not live, like watching live TV.  LIVE.  LIVE life.

But not just doing life every day.  Am I the only one that feels like sometimes I get so caught up in the day-to-day that I forget to LIVE in the day-to-day?  That the routine and monotony and the ups and the downs cause me to miss out on LIVING life?

This year, 2014, I want to be intentional about LIVING in the moments instead of just moving through them.  I want to LIVE in the ups and downs of parenting.  These years are fleeting.  And as trying and exhausting as parenting can be, missing out on LIVING in the ups and downs would be my greatest regret.  I want to LIVE in the moments, be fully present in them.  Make memories.

I want to LIVE in my marriage.  I want to take advantage of every moment of happiness, growth, trial…all of it.  I want to LIVE in it.  Be fully present in it.  In a world where marriages are more and more often statistics, I want fully LIVE in my marriage.

I want to LIVE in the giftings that God has given me and the path He’s leading me down in life.  So often I can talk myself out of greatness God has placed in me.  This year I want to flip the script.  I want to LIVE in my giftings.  I want to write more.  I want to LIVE in the opportunities God has for that.  I want to LIVE in the path He has me on.  I want to LIVE enthusiastically and without fear.  I want to say YES without hesitation to the path He places before me and LIVE in all that God has in store for me this year.

I just want to LIVE.  I don’t want to miss life just going through the motions every day.  I want to see the glory in the little things, find God in details, embrace all that life brings this year and LIVE fully present in each moment.

What about you? Do you have a word that can be a theme for you this year? I’d love to know what your word is.  And how you LIVE (see what I did there?) it out this year!

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