Hold Fast

We’ve all been there.  After walking with friends through trials, tragedy, adversity and offering Scripture, prayer and words of encouragement, the tables turn.  To us.  To me. To you.  Now it’s my turn, your turn.  That walk through the tough times, the valley, even the shadow of death is one that we all face at one time or another.  And probably face it more than once.  We’re on the receiving end of the Scripture, prayer and words of encouragement.  But what do we do with it? How much do we believe all that we encourage others with? I mean really believe.

There’s no doubt that life can bring events and circumstances that shake us to the core.  They can cause us to bend under tremendous pressure.  They can cause us to question God and wonder where He is and why He allows these things.  And honestly, those feelings are ok.  Questioning, fear, doubt, anger, countless other emotions are natural responses to life.  They are human responses to life.

But we serve a God who desires to move us past those emotions.  We serve a God who has given us a Book full of promises that provide more than good reading.  These promises are our hope.  They are our guarantee that if God promises, He will come through.  It doesn’t always look the way we thought it would or even they way we want it to.  But HE ALWAYS COMES THROUGH.


What are you facing today? What has life thrown your way that keeps your heart and mind restless, anxious? HOLD FAST.  Don’t waver in that.  He who promised is faithful.

2 Replies to “Hold Fast”

  1. ” But what do we do with it? How much do we believe all that we encourage others with? I mean really believe.” – I would hope A LOT! If not, are we really helping, are we “going through the motions”? I find encouraging others helps me take a hard look at myself – the “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye …” Nice Read Beth Bates. Nice Read.


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