No matter what happens, I will not bow.

This week is already challenging my One Word post from earlier this month.  Do I really want to fully live in this moment? In this circumstance?

I thought about not writing about this until there were “answers”.  But regardless of the answers, God is speaking to me now.  In this moment.

I have just undergone a breast biopsy.  That word, by itself, is somewhat terrifying.  But as I talked with a dear friend and she read Scripture to me and prayed over me something she said has resonated.  And stuck.  And just may be a new mantra for my life.

In talking about Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego (I’m no Bible scholar.  I’m sure those are spelled wrong.), she talked about how they told the King Nebuchadnezzar, no matter what he did, no matter what happened, they would not bow to the idol.  She told me not to bow to the “idol” of fear.  And in that moment, peace began to sweep in.

In not bowing, the Hebrew children physically and figuratively stood firm.  They stood in strength and they stood in faith.  Their trust in their God was bigger, greater, stronger than the potential fire they faced for not bowing.  And no matter what the King did, they would not bow.  Even being thrown into the fiery furnace did not cause them to bow.  In fact, in the fire they stood tall.  And protected.  And alive.

Well, these knees of faith will not bow.  As I wait for answers, I will not bow to the fear of potentially unwanted results.  As I wait for answers, I will not bow to thoughts that try to rob the joy from my right now.  As I wait for answers, I will not bow to the harm the enemy seeks to bring me, but will stand on every promise that God’s word affords me.  As I wait for answers, I will TRUST fully in Him, in His plan for me, in His healing that is greater than any man’s, in His grace that is more than sufficient and I will cling to the peace that only He can give.


As we wait, I covet your prayers for my family.  I covet your prayers for me.  I know that in the moments my knees begin to go weak, your prayers will help keep me strong.  And I know that in this word that a dear friend spoke to me, there is a greater purpose for those words for someone else reading this.  Do not bow.  To whatever it is in your life.  Do. Not. Bow.

4 Replies to “No matter what happens, I will not bow.”

  1. Beth, we have added you to our prayer list and I have a story for you. We have a friend who had a heart attack a few weeks ago and he had been without oxygen for over 20 minutes before anyone discovered he was in trouble. He was rushed ot our best heart hospital with the best heart doctors at his side and after a couple of day they determined that he was brain dead from lack of oxygen. The doctors suggested to his wife that they take him off of life support and after much prayer she agreed. They removed the life support and by God’s glory he began breathing on his own. After a couple of days he began responding to the doctor’s voice commands and then opened his eyes. He has been in the hospital for about 3 weeks and went home today to recover. There has been a huge prayer chain prayng for him and he is on his way to a full and happy life. He will be a while in recovery but the miracle has been done. You keep praying as I know many of us will for you and don’t bow, hold fast and miracles happen. God bless you.


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