What Am I Doing?

Dear Parent Who is Searching For Purpose:

Do you sometimes feel like your purpose has gotten lost in the day-to-day? Do you question if your life is really making a difference? Do you feel that the whole of your identity is summed up in the title of “mom” or “dad”?  You’re not alone!

So often, the role of parenting can be all-consuming.  Especially if you have younger ones at home.  And if I’m being completely honest, I’ve struggled with that many times over the nearly 12 years that I’ve been a parent.  There have been times that I’ve wondered if what I’m doing is making a difference.  I know I have a profound impact on my family, but what about outside the four walls of my home? Am I making a difference?

Sometimes these are just fleeting thoughts.  Other times it weighs heavy on my mind.  All of the time God brings me back to the place of remembering that during this season, my children require more from me and raising them well is where my impact needs to be focused.  He also has a gracious way placing opportunities in front of me to reach others without taking away from family.

But that doesn’t change the fact I still at times struggle with these thoughts.  At least not until last week.

Last week, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it fully shifted my way of thinking about my purpose.


I AM LIVING MY PURPOSE EVERYDAY!  Every day that I invest in my kids, every day that listen to a corny joke or long story, every day that I endure yet another episode of WWE or Sophia the First, I’m making a difference.  Every time that I face a tough disciplinary issue and help my kids learn and grow from it, every time I pray with them or read the Bible with them I’m making the biggest impact on God’s kingdom that I can possibly make.  It’s not about what I “do” in the world right now.  It’s about what I do at home.  It’s about raising my children to chase hard after God, learn from mistakes, love generously.  It’s about raising up the next generation to lead well and serve God with everything in every season. 

As I fulfill that purpose, God graciously allows me to build friendships and provides opportunities for me to serve others, too.  But all while giving me the full ability to fulfill my greatest purpose…raising my children.

I’m so grateful that a friend shared this little picture.  I’m so grateful that with one simple phrase, God put to rest an inner struggle that I’ve dealt with for years.

Are you struggling with knowing you’re making a difference? YOU ARE!  Some day our kids will be older.  They will require different things from us than they do now.  And at some point, we’ll be done with the raising.  And God will place different impact opportunities in our paths.  But until then, let’s revel in this season of knowing that the children  we’re raising are the greatest contribution to the Kingdom that we’ll ever make!

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