A glimpse of who You might be

I heard a song for the first time in a long time today.  And it wrecked me today just like it did the first time I ever heard it.  Have you ever been wrecked by a song? It really happens to me ALL.THE.TIME!  Seriously, I’ll be driving with tears running down my face because a song just grabbed hold of me in such a powerful way.

I remember being in my early 20’s and finally crossing over from that place of living my family’s faith to living my own faith.  My own faith, birthed out of my experiences and my personal encounter with God.  I was raised in church and accepted Christ at a young age.  My salvation was never an issue, but I was living my parents’ faith before that.  I think a lot of us that grew up in the church lived that way.  And I think it’s why so many who grew up in church aren’t in church now.  They never had the personal experience that took them to a real and deeply personal faith.

I still sometimes have moments where my faith feels like work.  Like my obligation because of the gift of salvation.  And then I catch of glimpse of who He might be.  And I’m brought to my knees in a brand new, totally fresh way.  Over the last several months I’ve seen God show up in ways that leave no explanation other than God.  I’ve prayed with friends and family who have no answer, but God.  Today, as I was praying for friends who are desperately seeking God for a miracle for their newborn baby, I caught one of those glimpses again when I heard Addison Road’s What Do I Know of Holy?  Don’t just skim past this link.  Stop and listen to the song.  It’s just over 4 minutes.  It’s worth your time.  STOP AND LISTEN!

As I grow in my faith, I’ve come to realize that glimpses of Him are all my heart can handle.  My small, human mind could never comprehend all that He is.  I know this because when I catch the glimpse of Him, I’m wrecked.  Sometimes to the point that I can’t function beyond crying like a baby in the sweetness of His presence.  This song is one that always reminds me of how small my understanding of Him truly is, but also of how much of His glory He’s allowed me to glimpse.

Take time today and catch a glimpse of Him.  Slow down enough to not miss it.  There are glimpses of Him and His holiness all around us every day.  And be prepared to be brought to your knees when you catch that glimpse of Him.

One Reply to “A glimpse of who You might be”

  1. Way to get me crying before I even finish my first cup of coffee, Beth! Seriously, thank you for this post. It was beautiful. I listen to this type of music, and I’m familiar with Addison Road, but I had not heard that song. I love it. How true the words of your post and the words of the song. I think we truly cannot understand the depth of His love for us. We can only think in our warped human terms, and that just will never cut it. Thank you for helping your friend through this difficult time. We are praying for that precious little bundle. Breaks this mamas heart.


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