By My Side

There’s something about flying that always makes me feel so small.  And at the very same time makes me begin to grasp how deeply my Father loves me.

Flying thousands of feet over different landscapes, elevations, colors always gives me a perspective of how mighty He is.  And it gives me perspective on how big this world is.  I stare out my window, sometimes with a clear view of creation, sometimes with a view of a pillowy highway of clouds, and think, “Wow.  My Father made all of this yet takes delight in me.  He dances over me with singing.”

That beautiful creation that I see from so far up has never failed my God.  It has never caused one of His children pain.  It has never treated the precious gift of Jesus carelessly or callously.  I have.  I’ve done all of those things.  Yet He rejoices over me.  He rejoices over me.

It’s humbling.  It’s convicting.  It’s overwhelming to begin the fathom the love He has for me, his flawed child.

And then it becomes reassuring.  Confidence building.  Life giving.  My Father holds all of this in the palm of His hands, yet rejoices in me.  He’s not only on my side, He’s by my side.  When life crumbles in around me, He’s by my side.  He’s fighting for me.  When life brings rejoicing, He’s by my side.  He’s celebrating with me.

No matter the situation or circumstance, I can always be assured that the God of angel armies is always by my side.

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