Coffee Talk – Arise, my Love

Mugs Of Coffee On A Table Close UpMaybe it’s because we’ve just celebrated Easter.  Maybe it’s because an elderly, across the street neighbor went to meet Jesus on Easter Sunday.  Maybe it’s because I have a dear friend who is by her mother’s side as she nears the end of her 5 year battle with cancer.  But this old song has stayed at the front of my mind lately.

I can’t help but wonder what it’s like when you’ve come to the end of this earthly life and you hear Jesus say, “Arise, my love”. As my friend sits with her mother, we know that soon, she will hear the words, “Arise, my love”. And in that death is defeated.  Cancer has lost.  The enemy has lost this battle.  It’s final here.  And it hurts here.  But death is defeated.  And she will arise.

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