A different kind of post

So, since I created this space for me to share my heart, it’s been just that. A place where I share my heart, a place where God speaks to me and hopefully through me. It’s a place that allows me to record things that hopefully my kids can look back on someday and feel encouraged when the world seems to be working against them. It’s a place that allows me to look back and remember just how good, how faithful, how beautiful God is in my life and my family.

And it will stay that way.

So, having said all of that, today, just for today I want to share something that God is using to not only improve my family’s healthy, but also our income. Because our physical health is just as important as our spiritual health. Because we all have SO much to live for and we should live our best life!

A little over a year ago, our family was introduced to Juice Plus+.  We became cautiously optimistic customers.  But I wouldn’t commit to being a distributor.  I needed proof, I needed results before I would sell.  And boy did we get them.  The short version of the story is this: Addi has been on 3-5 medicines for allergies & asthma-like illnesses since she was 2.  She’s 6 now for those who don’t know.  After a year on the product, and with our pediatrician giving the medical confirmations we needed, she is completely medicine free.  No respiratory issues.  No daily medicines.  Healed, happy & healthy.

That became my “why”.

I’ve been hesitant to write here about Juice Plus+ because I treasure this place.  I value this place.  And appreciate the relationship that we all have and I never want to violate any of that.  But the truth of the matter is, our physical health is SO important.  And Juice Plus+ is a proven product from a company built on a Christian foundation that is inspiring healthy living and changing lives around the world.

If you’d like to know more, email me at mrsbethbates@gmail.com.  I’d love to share with you about all of the products (there’s the fruit & veggie capsules, the best shakes EVER and the amazing vertical, hydroponic Tower Garden) or the business opportunity.

Thanks for letting me veer a little outside of my normal posts here.  I value this place & what we all share here and this won’t be a regular thing.  I appreciate all of you.


2 Replies to “A different kind of post”

  1. Love reading your posts! Your family is a blessing to our family. I am so happy that Addie and your whole family has been blessed with great health from Juice PLUS+. Its not just in the stories either…over 30 research studies prove it. Thanks for sharing.


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