Delight in…

“Find your delight in the Lord.  Then he will give you everything your heart really wants.” Psalm 37:4

I have the Bible app on my phone.  There’s a daily verse of the day that shows up each time you launch the app.  It’s not something I look at daily.  Usually if I’ve launched the app, it’s because I’m looking for something very specific.  But every once in a while that verse of the day catches my attention.  Today was one of those days.  Except today, to try to settle the unrest in my spirit from the last few days, I launched the app to see if maybe…just maybe that verse of the day could speak to that unrest.

“Find your delight in the Lord.”  That was it.  That’s what I was missing.  It might sound odd to say, but I think I just wasn’t finding delight period these last few days.  I was finding myself stressed out and overwhelmed by everything and nothing at all.  I was stressing over the thing 3 months away and completely overlooking the provision for today.  In all of the stressing, worrying, and forgetting to find Him, I was completely missing the answer to it all in the provision of today.

And I was completely missing what it is my heart really wants.  I can get so caught up in making my plans that I forget His plan is the only one that matters.  I think of the way I want something to happen and forget that it’s not in the details that my heart finds contentment, it’s in the knowing that needs are met & people are loved.  I want the perfect Christmas, but forget that it has nothing to do with the gifts.  I want the perfect birthday party for the kids, but forget that it’s not about the amount of money spent.  I want the picture perfect life and forget that this beautiful mess of life is full of perfection because it’s imperfect.

I forget to take delight in Him then wonder why I can’t find delight anywhere.  I stress out about tomorrow and forget that He’s already fully provided for today.  And isn’t that where I’m supposed to be looking? At today? He has fully provided all that I need for today.  And he has every day of my life.  So why do I worry about the tomorrows?

Today, take delight in Him.  Turn your eyes away from the circumstance and turn them to Him.  Delight in knowing that you got through today.  It may not have been pretty, but you got through it.  And tomorrow you’ll have provision for whatever it is you need when it gets here.  Delight in today.  Delight in knowing He’s got every one of your days and cares more about them than you do.

Find your delight in the Lord then trust Him that He is true to His word and will give you what your heart really wants.

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