Your grace finds me

There’s been some radio silence around here the last several months.  Mostly because the new school year (yes, I know it’s half over now. Seriously. HALF.OVER) threw my schedule & my brain for a loop. A little bit because my son will be a Freshman next year and I.can’t.even. As I was doing a little site clean up, found this post in the drafts.  Not sure why I never hit publish. Probably because it was time to pick up a kid or drop off a kid or cook a meal. Or I was curled up in a ball sucking my thumb, overcome with grief that my son will be a FRESHMAN next year. {There’s a theme here, people.} But here it is…with a few extras added because I’m just now finding this.

Oh, today!  I had really forgotten how rough my Tuesday mornings are once The Voice and The Blacklist start back up!  In TV time around here, that’s the 7PM-10PM time slot.  But because we don’t start until the kids are in bed, it’s usually 8:30 or 8:45 before we start watching.  That puts us in bed much later than normal.  It’s SO worth it though…until morning.

The season premiere of both shows was last night.  It was actually 9PM before we got started.  With the benefit of fast forwarding commercials and such, we got done a little before 11:30 and headed to bed.  I’ve been REALLY good this school year about going to bed around 10 every night so that I’m not so tired during the day, so this was a huge change to my normal schedule.  And wake-up time this morning proved that!

I slept through my alarm (actually I kept hitting snooze, but totally don’t remember doing it) and woke up about 30 minutes late.  That put all of us having to scramble.  With all the patience I could muster the first thing in the morning and without coffee yet, I let the kids know this was a morning to hustle.  And they did.

We got out the door the latest we have all year.  And as I watched the clock, I really started to worry that Payne would be tardy, which meant Addi would probably be tardy, too.  As we pulled out of the driveway, I thanked the kids for great they did and apologized for making us late.  I could see the stress on Payne’s face as he watched the clock.  As I started to pray for our day as we drove, I prayed that God would extend grace to the kids for their mom’s mistake.  I prayed that he would allow us to arrive to both schools on time.  Looking at the clock, I knew it would take God to get us there.

Our first light didn’t offer much encouragement.  The line was much longer than normal, which meant it took a couple of cycles for us to get through.  But I had prayed for grace for the kids.

We got through that light and the rest of the drive was totally smooth.  Payne got to school with a few minutes to spare.  Then it was off to Addi’s school.  Because of the later start time, traffic was heavier than usual.  But I had prayed for grace.  Addi made it school with a couple of minutes to spare.

As I pulled out of her parking lot to head home, I thanked God for the grace he gave my kids. And that got me thinking.  There have been so many times in my life that someone else’s decision, someone else’s mistake, someone else’s shortcoming could have had a negative impact on me.  But I had God’s grace.  He allowed me to not suffer the consequences of someone else’s actions.  Just like my kids didn’t have to suffer the consequences of my tardiness this morning.

I know that there are times that we can’t escape the consequences of someone else’s actions…or our’s for that matter.  But even in that, there’s grace for us.  Grace to rise above. Grace to just get through. Grace to get through knowing your son will be a FRESHMAN next year, and you’ll survive it. And maybe even enjoy it if you’ll get your thumb out of your mouth and get up off the floor.

If I’m being totally honest, sometimes I can be a bit slow at extending grace to others. My frustrations and emotions get going full steam ahead and I forget that my reactions should be led by grace. Because lessons & consequences don’t have to be laced with hurtful words and extreme emotions to stick. The lessons I’ve learned the most from in life are the ones where, yes, I still had a consequence, but the reactions of those around me were led by grace first.

As this year comes to an end tonight, I’m thankful for God’s grace in 2015. I’m thankful for the grace of others in my life this year. And I pray that I lead with grace in 2016. Happy new year friends! May your’s be filled with grace.

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