Great is thy faithfulness

The last couple of weeks have been weeks of visibly seeing God’s faithfulness. In bad and in good.  We’ve prayed with friends who have gotten hard news from doctors.  We’ve cried with friends laying a loved one to rest.  All the while trusting in God’s faithfulness despite the circumstances.

We’ve heard stories from friends who have seen God show his faithfulness to them after committing new things to Him.  We’ve seen God grant heart’s desire prayers for us out of His infinite faithfulness to his kids.

We’ve also listened as some have struggled to see God’s faithfulness in their current situation.

Where are you? Are you in a valley, a desert but seeing God’s faithfulness in the hard place? Are you on the mountain right now and seeing God reveal his faithfulness in new ways? Are you right in the thick of the hard, the ugly, the painful, the messy and questioning where God’s faithfulness has gone?

Wherever you are, his faithfulness is there. And it’s GREAT.  He is there. He is faithful. He is GREAT.

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