The Day After #Election2016

Friends, I’ve stayed away from politics for the most part on social media.  I really believe that we’re better served having these hard conversations one on one with a cup of coffee, rather than behind a keyboard. But here is what I will say today.
1. The Electoral College is a flawed system that needs to be done. Let the popular vote of the people be the deciding factor. Period. I’ve sat on the side where the Electoral College benefitted my choice and on the side where it didn’t. Neither side feels right when the voice of the people is silenced by a flawed system.
2. People are hurting today. Deeply. The “winning” side does no one any favors, nor bridges any divides by lacking grace in the win. Please remember today that those who “lost” felt just a passionately about their candidate as you did. And just like many of us grieved the election of our current President 8 years ago, there are many grieving the election of President-Elect Trump today.  Offer grace upon grace upon grace. Throw on some old school country with The Judds “Love Can Build a Bridge” and remember that LOVING your neighbor will do more than any elected official could ever possibly do.
3. Making America great again has never & will never start in the White House. That’s you & me, friends. WE make a country great or tear a country apart. We are different, we see things different ways, our political views vary.  THAT’S WHAT MAKES THIS COUNTRY GREAT! We need different viewpoints. We need different voices.  And we must listen with an open heart and mind and respond in love and grace. We can disagree without hate.  We can disagree and still be friends.
4. We are where we are now. Our new President, come January 20, 2017, is Donald Trump.  As Americans, we must work harder than ever before to bridge the huge gaps that divide us.  As Christ-followers, we are called to pray for our leader, fervently and without ceasing. Many failed in that during the current administration and represented Christ poorly in their rhetoric towards President Obama.
Again, win or lose, our calling is to represent Christ to those around us. Our call is to operate in love and grace, not judgement and hate.  Our call is to be a light. God has so graciously left the burden of judging others off of our shoulders. He has so graciously taken the responsibility of changing people off of our shoulders. He owns that. We only muddy His work when we choose to take on responsibilities that aren’t ours.
Friends, where we go from here is our choice. Washington can’t change our hearts. Washington can’t cause me to love my neighbor more or less. I choose to love. I choose to extend grace, because God knows I need it so desperately.  Will you join me today?

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