Staying out of the dirt: my garden

It’s springish in the Texas hill country. Although you’d never know with the cold front that blew in yesterday. But before the cold & rain set in, I spent about 30 minutes planting my spring garden. 16 new plants in, 8 that are still strong from the fall planting cleaned up. 30 minutes.

Last fall, among other things, I planted spinach & strawberries. The spinach has been the rock star of plants producing for almost 6 months now. I thought my black thumb had made my strawberries just pretty green leave until little white flowers started to bloom several weeks back. And now I’ve got sweet little baby strawberries starting make their appearance!

I added my 12 new plants, cleaned out the water basin, added new water & nutrients. And walked inside. Not a speck of dirt touched. No digging. No needing to remember to water. Didn’t even break a sweat! Now I get to just sit back and watch out my back window as things start to grow. And of course harvest more spinach and get my first strawberries. And spinach. Did I mention the spinach? It’s become currency in this day and age of no eggs at the grocery store. I’ve traded spinach for eggs just like Laura Ingalls Wilder. I’m ready for my bonnet and covered wagon. Life on the prairie is calling. As soon as the AC is installed, I’ll be there 😉

This dirtless wonder that has me convinced I’d survive 24 hours on the prairie is a Tower Garden. Water, a motor to circulate the water, a timer & a plug are all I need to grow fresh, organic, non- GMO fruits, veggies & herbs all year round. Very little space required. No digging and weeding needed. A green thumb isn’t even needed! Just 30 minutes or so when you change out your plants and you’ll be ready for the prairie, too. Happy gardening!

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