True Confessions of a Christmas Junkie

I was asked to write for our church devotional this week. And now that it’s been shared there, I wanted to share here!

Confession: I don’t like Hallmark Christmas movies. Well, any Hallmark movies, if I’m being honest. But I love Christmas. So this week, in the midst of the turmoil that’s on most other channels, I decided to give Hallmark Christmas movies a shot. Surely this Christmas loving girl could find a way to love a Christmas movie…no matter how syrupy sweet and predictable the plot is.

Friends, I’m here to tell you that after watching 3 of them, I’m even more resolute in my dislike of this brand of Christmas movies that so many of you love. I tried, I really did!

Isn’t it interesting how one thing can be perceived so differently by different people? How our experiences, upbringings, relationships, passions, convictions and so many other unique things craft our perception? These movies that so many love and watch any time they can make me want to just turn my tv off!

I think, for me, it’s that every single one is wrapped up so neatly in a bow. With a perfect ending. And that’s not life. We go through hard things and sometimes the end is ugly and messy, not pretty and perfect. Life is complicated and doesn’t follow a romanticized script with a sweet beginning, sticky but endearing middle and picture perfect ending. But it’s an escape for millions.

I’m more of a football game approach to life kinda girl. The beginning is exciting. There are ups and down, bumps and bruises, small victories and losses in the middle. And even if you end with a win, you still might end frustrated. But, just like those syrupy sweet movies, those football games (or any sporting event really) are my escape. I can hear the cringe that many of you Hallmark movie lovers worked up while reading that.

Isn’t it interesting that the differing perspectives on two wildly popular things can vary? But isn’t it also interesting that we need the different perspectives to keep the world spinning?

It’s a lot like the church. We’re full of personalities, big & bold and mild & meek. The play callers that want to move things along and the musical montage makers who want us to sweetly remember things past and present. We’re full of opinions and plans and traditions and progression. And we need each and every one of those things. Each and every one of those people. The church is one of those unique places where all of the differences can be laid to the side because of the one common focus: Jesus.

Jesus, who tells us that each of us, in our own uniquely created way, are vital. Are worthy. And necessary. Jesus, who calls us all by name to be there with Him in the end, if we’ll just follow Him. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s hard, it’s rewarding. And the end makes it all worth it.

I guess at the end of it all, Jesus really does wrap it up in a pretty bow. And also makes it feel like a Super Bowl win.

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